How to Create a Writer’s Room Anywhere

Today’s post was written by the lovely Katelyn Bolds, a friend and fellow Taylor grad. She wanted to share some tips on creating a writing space for those of us who love words. Thanks Katelyn!   Some writers can write anywhere. They keep a journal in their backpack or tote bag filled with colorful journalsContinue reading “How to Create a Writer’s Room Anywhere”

How to Write Your Dragon

Fantasy has always been my favorite genre and that is largely due to the creatures that inhabit the magical worlds. I’m starting this series, “How to Write Your….”, to explore the different creatures I’ve come across and give ideas on how to make them unique. We’ll start with dragons.

How to Come up with Ideas (AKA, I Don’t Know What to Blog About)

Every week, I find myself running through the same train of thought: It’s Tuesday. I’m supposed to blog today. Crap, what should I blog about?! So I’m using that panic as an out. My chosen topic today is coming up with ideas! Here are three ways I generate ideas, for blogs or stories. 1. Play theContinue reading “How to Come up with Ideas (AKA, I Don’t Know What to Blog About)”

4 Ways to Help Motivate Yourself

Motivation is hard. There, I said it! I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks so, right? I have a hard time making myself be productive sometimes. And by sometimes, I mean a lot. My excuses can get quite ridiculous. If they even exist. For example, I blog on Tuesdays (obviously). I came upContinue reading “4 Ways to Help Motivate Yourself”

How to Survive a Writer’s Conference (Or an Introvert’s Guide to Being Social)

As I mentioned earlier this week, I attended a writer’s conference recently. This is the second one I’ve been to this year, and I like to think I’ve learned a few things about doing conferences well. Some of these things I’ve been told to do, others I’ve had to discover through trial and error. HopefullyContinue reading “How to Survive a Writer’s Conference (Or an Introvert’s Guide to Being Social)”

The Myth of Strong Female Characters

I recently read an interesting article ( about the double standard set for female characters in literature and media. I find it rather disturbing that we have to characterize female roles as ‘strong’, as if it weren’t inherently implied like with men. I won’t use this blog as a soapbox for a feminist rant; IContinue reading “The Myth of Strong Female Characters”

An Important Lesson (or two or three)

It may come as no surprise, but narrowing down my experience at the writer’s conference to one major lesson, or even a few, has proved to be rather challenging. So I’ve put together a list of the most important things I learned.  1. How to deal with rejection. This can actually apply to more thanContinue reading “An Important Lesson (or two or three)”