Recommendation: Snow White

One of my favorite versions of Snow White is Gail Carson Levine’s Fairest. Gail Carson Levine is well known for her fairy tale retellings, with her most famous one being Ella Enchanted. Fairest takes place in the same world, with a few of the same characters.


The story follows Ava, the adopted daughter of an innkeeper and his family. In a country that highly values music and beauty, Ava feels conflicted. She has a beautiful voice, but is large and awkward. The new, and very attractive, queen befriends her and makes her a lady-in-waiting, but soon begins taking advantage of Ava. Ava, along with some new friends, have to risk everything if they are going to expose the queen’s treacherous magic.

I don’t want to spoil the ending, because it’s fantastic, but I will say that Gail Carson Levine takes the classic story and adds her own unique twist.

What are some of your favorite adaptations of Snow White?

Until next time, fellow wonderers!

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