Recommendation: Sleeping Beauty

There have been many adaptations of Sleeping Beauty, many of which I’ve enjoyed. Some set it in a fantasy world, some in the future, and some even cast the villain as the hero. My favorite version, and today’s recommendation, is Melanie Dickerson’s The Healer’s Apprentice. 


The Healer’s Apprentice is set in Germany in 1386. The main character is a young woman named Rose. She is the daughter of a poor family faced with a choice; become the healer’s apprentice, or be subjected to an arranged marriage with the first man with money who comes along. Despite blood causing her extreme nausea, Rose becomes the apprentice of the healer who works at the castle of a local earl. While training, Rose meets and befriends the earl’s two oldest sons; Wilhelm and Rupert. Both develop feelings for Rose, who is caught in the middle. She prefers Wilhelm, but he is betrothed to a noble lady he has never met. She doesn’t trust Rupert, though.

Dickerson’s story incorporates pieces of the well-known and loved Sleeping Beauty tale in a new light. The story is a beautiful historical piece and weaves in themes of Christianity effortlessly. It’s also followed by more books, in the same setting with some of the same characters, that draw from other fairy tales.

I highly recommend this book; it’s one of my go-to reads.

Until next time, fellow wonderers!

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