I Want to Hear from You!

Over the course of this semester in school, I’ve been taking a class that covers the use of social media to create a platform for writers. Part of that has been the creation (or in my case, adjusting) of a blog. I’ve tried some new things, like series, and changed the look a few times.

I really just want to hear from you. You, my wonderful readers, are kind of the reason I do this. I want to make sure you are seeing what you want. So I would absolutely love some feedback. Do you like the things I’ve been doing? Is there a topic you’d like to see me cover? Would you rather I do something else? How would you feel about video posts?

Suggestion Box

Basically, I just want to make sure I’m writing the sort of thing you want to read. So comment below and make me feel good about myself! Or, you know, tell me all the things I should be doing instead.

Until next time fellow wonderers!

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