But What About Me?

Dear Fairy Godmother,

I have a stepsister and I’m tired of being overlooked, or worse, cast as the villain. Cindy is a nice girl. She has a hard time getting along with my mother, true, but they both try their best.

Despite what you may have heard, we all pitch in around the house as much as we can, but she insists on letting mice and birds help her with the chores. It’s a little unsanitary if you ask me.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m happy for Cindy. She’s always been quiet, a homebody. I’m glad she’s met her Prince Charming. But I want a fairy tale ending too!

Please help!

An Overlooked Step-sister

Dear Overlooked Step-sister

Believe it or not, yours is a common situation. My first piece of advice would be to locate the nearest branch of Stepsisters Anonymous, a support group for stepsisters who are forgotten, misrepresented, or threatened by their stepsiblings. You’ll find a wonderful group of women there.

As for your own happy ending, follow Cindy’s example. Go out, meet new people. The best way to meet your own Prince Charming is to be social. Be confident, be beautiful, and be yourself.

And remember, never stop dreaming!

Your Fairy Godmother

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