Endings and Beginnings

Happy almost New Year’s Eve!

I know I’ve been rather absent lately, but I promise I’m back to my regular schedule.

There’s been a lot going on in my life lately, so I’m taking this post to let you know what’s going on with me and to check in on those New Year’s Resolutions I made earlier this year.

The biggest, and most recent, development has been that I finished my last semester of college earlier this month!


I’ve been applying for jobs across the country, so I could end up in any number of places. It’s really pretty exciting.

So in regards to the goals I set for myself this year.

1. Edit book manuscript. Well, technically I did this, but I didn’t get a whole lot done, sadly. I got good at finding time to write, but I didn’t make editing a priority. So that’s still on the to do list.

2. Publish at least four short stories. I expanded this to include any publications after realizing my internship would involve writing articles. I’m happy to say that I was published well over four times this year in various publications.


3. Finish a second book manuscript. This was my failure of the year. I switched projects halfway through the year and got incredibly busy with school and work. But I did make progress, which is better than nothing.

4. Consistent blogging schedule. I think I did pretty well with this (except for the last month or so). For a while you guys were even getting three posts a week!

Looking back at my original resolutions, I realize that I’ve been been making videos a part of this blog for almost a year now. Have you guys liked seeing them? Or are they weird?

Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for your patience with me and the time I had to take off. I will try my hardest not to be gone for so long again.

Until next time (and it will be soon, I promise), word nerds!

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