NaNo Update: Week 3

I hate to say it, but I’ve abandoned my novella for the time being.

I’ve never been able to just take a sliver of an idea and just write, like some writers I know (and admire). I like to let ideas percolate and develop. And with the time crunch (writing upwards of 20000 words, editing, polishing, and getting feedback by the beginning of January) the story just wasn’t coming along quickly enough. I was stuck with only a vague idea of where I wanted to go. I was also struck with that writer’s curse, the “I’d really rather work on that other story” niggles that only seem to pop up once you commit to one project.

That being said, I’m not abandoning the story forever. I just need to let the idea simmer for a while before I come back to it.

And I’m not abandoning NaNo, either. I’m working on a different project that I already had started, so I’m still planning on hitting the 50000 word mark (fingers crossed!).

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