Myth or Magic: New Series

Hey there fellow word nerds! I apologize for not posting for so long. Sometimes I just have a hard time coming up with things to write about, or I get busy with other projects. But hopefully, a new series I’m about to start will help! I’m calling it Myth or Magic and I’m counting on you to contribute.

Let me explain.

This series is meant to explore some of the plot holes, mysteries, or just weird questions people have about fairy tales. Want to know why Cinderella’s glass slippers didn’t disappear with the rest of the magic at midnight? Or why Ariel didn’t just grab a pen and write a note to Prince Eric explaining who she was? Well, I’ve got answers for you! I recently did a post about Cinderella’s famous slippers and next week, for the first entry in this series, I’ll look into The Little Mermaid and her questionable communication skills.

So why am I calling it Myth or Magic? Mostly because I like the way it sounds. But also because I’m hoping to debunk some of the more popular misconceptions and myths about one of my favorite topics: fairy tales! And, as we will soon discover, magic is often the answer. Just maybe not in the way you think.

“But Kate,” you might be asking, “where do we come in? You said you were counting on us to contribute. Surely you don’t expect us to research or anything!”

There will be lots of reading involved, but I’m not complaining!

And you’re certainly right on that count. I plan to do all the research myself (if it’s not an answer I already know). But I need help coming up with myths and questions to explore! I’ve done so much research on fairy tales that I often forget what’s common knowledge and what isn’t. Like when the new(ish) Beauty and the Beast came out earlier this year, I complained about it not being quite accurate, only to find that no one else realized the original was vastly different from the Disney version, especially in regards to the Beast’s character. And while I could go into a whole lecture about how Disney changed fairy tales, I’ll save that for another day.

So please send me your questions or concerns about different fairy tales you’ve encountered! It could be as simple as fact-checking a plot point or curiosity for a deeper understanding of why the stories are the way they are. You can do that in a few places. You can leave a comment on this post, or any other post in the series once I write them. You can post on my Facebook page or send me a message, or do the same on Twitter (if you do use Twitter, please use the hashtag #MythorMagic so that I can keep track of things). Finally, you can use the contact page here on the blog.

That’s all for now, but you can expect a video post this weekend too! I went to see Murder on the Orient Express with some friends and will be filming a review.

7 thoughts on “Myth or Magic: New Series

  1. I also have a question about Sleeping Beauty. The princess and the people in the castle fall into a sleep for 100 years, but what happens to all the food in the castle, or the furniture, or the castle walls? Wouldn’t it all decay and rot away? What kind of condition would the castle be in after 100 years being exposed to the elements with no upkeep or repairs?

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