The Problem With Little Things

If there’s one unspoken rule in writing, it’s that first drafts are inevitably awful.

And it makes sense. First drafts are often an outpouring of half-formed ideas and random plot points. So when you start editing, it can be messy.

That’s right, I’ve been editing my manuscript. Probably not as quickly as I should be (I promised my three readers I’d have a draft for them this week and it’s going to be a close call), but I’m editing nonetheless. And while I had certainly planned some major changes and revisions planned, I managed to surprise myself a few days ago.

I made what I considered a minor tweak to my main character’s personality and suddenly all sorts of things were changing.

Plot points changed, new things came up, and before I knew it, I had something like two and a half pages of notes and new scenes I wanted to add. I’m essentially rewriting or creating from scratch the first quarter of my book. So that’s fun.

It’s so fascinating to think about why some of the smallest changes make the biggest impact.

Anyway, just a short post for now, as I have editing to get back to. But once I get this next draft off to my readers, I’ll have more time to get back to blogging. And relaxing in general.

Until next time, word nerds!

One thought on “The Problem With Little Things

  1. Great post! I’ve thought about this topic a lot — it really crazy how something as small as a change in point of view or a small tweak in the plot can affect an entire story. Good luck with your editing! I’m looking forward to seeing your future posts 😀

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