A Diamond in the Rough

Dear Fairy Godmother,

I’m under a lot of pressure. I have to almost single-handedly choose who’s going to take over my father’s company. I’ve met a lot of decent candidates, but none of them seem to be the right fit. How do I separate the power-hungry from the diamonds in the rough?


A Picky Princess

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Dear Princess,

Your father’s company is a precious legacy, so it makes sense that you’d want the perfect person in charge. And while perfection is a little much to ask from anyone, there are certainly important facets to consider. Here are a few examples of important characteristics for this person to have:

1. She cares about people, not just making money. The perfect leader is someone who cares about the people under her charge. You should definitely look for someone who cares about the entire company, down to the newest intern, not just the bottom line. After all, a happy company is a successful company!

2. He keeps his word. Business isn’t easy and you want to make sure the person in charge is someone who will follow through. Other, more tempting, opportunities might arise, but a person who is true to his word, and his friends, is worth keeping around.

3. She thinks outside the box. Everyone in business, and especially the person in charge, faces challenges. It’s imperative that you find someone who can find creative solutions that may not be obvious at first. 

4. He listens to advice from others. One of the true marks of any leader is the realization that he cannot face every problem alone. A leader should never pretend to know everything, but rather surround himself with people he trusts and respects. 

5. She is honest about her mistakes and works to fix them. Everyone makes mistakes. What sets a person apart is how she faces those mistakes. Does she try to cover them up or blame other people? Or does she take responsibility and work to fix the problem?

I wish you luck in the search for the new leader of your father’s company! It will be the start of a whole new world!

And don’t forget, never stop dreaming!

Your Fairy Godmother

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