A Novel Update

Get it? It’s a joke, because it’s an update about the novel I’m writing and also it’s a novel (new, unique, rare) experience that I’m posting and update….


Anyway, some people out there have been curious about the novel I’m writing, Nova’s Test.

You might remember that a little over a year ago (November 2018, to be precise), I participated in National Novel Writing Month and completed the first draft of Nova’s Test.

I’m currently on my fourth draft of the book, and I’m hoping this will be the draft I send out to agents and editors.

If I’m being honest, writing hasn’t come easily the last few months. I’ve had some stuff going on in my life that makes it hard to be creative. I’m finally starting to get through that and feel the urge to write again.

I’m so grateful for my friends and family, who have been really encouraging and supportive.

Draft 4 had some more changes and tweaks needed than I originally expected, so I’m actually doing a complete overhaul to the plot. Yay.

As far as goals and deadlines, I’m hoping to have draft 4 finished by the beginning of summer. Stay tuned for more updates!

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