A Quick Quarantine Update

Not to worry, I’m still here!

It took a little juggling, but I’ve rearranged and updated my blog schedule (I had three weeks of posts centered around the release of the Mulan, but now that’s been delayed to July 24).

But never fear, the posts will keep coming!

Stay safe and healthy, word nerds!

A Novel Update

Get it? It’s a joke, because it’s an update about the novel I’m writing and also it’s a novel (new, unique, rare) experience that I’m posting and update….


Anyway, some people out there have been curious about the novel I’m writing, Nova’s Test.

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Cover Reveal: Things We Didn’t Say

It’s an exciting day, friends. A friend of mine from college, Amy Green, is publishing a novel this year with Bethany House Publishers and today we’re revealing the cover!


“Johanna Berglund didn’t want to return to her small Midwest town for any reason, and certainly not to become a translator at a German prisoner of war camp. She arrives to find the once-sleepy community exploding with hostility toward the prisoners and those who work at the camp. Her friend Peter Ito, a military intelligence instructor, encourages her to give the town that rejected her a second chance, and as Johanna interacts with the men of the camp and censors their mail, she begins to see the prisoners in a more sympathetic light. But when the men her country is fighting become the men she is fighting for, she must decide who to trust—and whose side she’s truly on.”

Things We Didn’t Say is an epistolary novel (it’s told entirely through letters, newspaper articles, and other documents). I’ve gotten a sneak peek at the first chapter, and it’s fantastic! I can’t wait to read the rest.

If you want to join me in pre-ordering the book, you can do so here. The book comes out in early November.

Amy has been doing some really amazing (and hilarious) book updates as we get closer to her release date. You can find her on Facebook and Instagram, so go show her some love!

If you or someone you know loves historical fiction and sassy main characters, let them know about this book. I’ll be posting about it on my social media pages, so you can share this post or those.

Congratulations Amy! I can’t wait to see this book!


Kate Reviews: Romanov

What’s this? A post?

That’s right, I’m back! Today’s video is about a book I read over Christmas (and I’m proud to say I read seven books over my week vacation!). Nadine Brandes is one of those people I see online and think, “I want to be her friend.”

Until next time, word nerds!

Myth or Magic: A Castle in Ruins

I’m reviving all my favorite series! That’s right, Myth or Magic is back again!

“The princess and the people in the castle fall into a sleep for 100 years, but what happens to all the food in the castle, or the furniture, or the castle walls? Wouldn’t it all decay and rot away? What kind of condition would the castle be in after 100 years being exposed to the elements with no upkeep or repairs?” -Kat

File:The sleeping beauty by John Collier 1.jpg
The Sleeping Beauty by John Collier

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The Follow-Through Problem

Here’s the deal, friends. I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was in 1st grade. I started writing my first book in middle school. That was more than 10 years ago (and isn’t that weird to think about!) and in that time I’ve only finished two manuscripts. Now, that’s not to say it should only take certain amount of time to finish a manuscript (it’s different for every person). And two finished manuscripts are nothing to sneeze at.

No, the problem is the fact that in that time, I’ve had a lot more than two ideas. And I’ve not finished them before I move on to the next one.

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A Diamond in the Rough

Dear Fairy Godmother,

I’m under a lot of pressure. I have to almost single-handedly choose who’s going to take over my father’s company. I’ve met a lot of decent candidates, but none of them seem to be the right fit. How do I separate the power-hungry from the diamonds in the rough?


A Picky Princess

Image result for tiara

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