Myth or Magic: Mermaid’s Miscommunication

We’ve all asked the question: If Ariel knows how to sign her name (as evidenced by the contract she signs for Ursula), then why doesn’t she just write Eric a note explaining who she is and that he needs to kiss her? Well today, to kick off my Myth or Magic series, we’re going toContinue reading “Myth or Magic: Mermaid’s Miscommunication”

The Myth of True Love’s Kiss

When you think about fairy tales, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind when it comes to breaking curses? If you’re anything like me (or if you read the title of this post), your mind immediately went to the magical cure-all: true love’s kiss. Think about it. According to the stories, Snow WhiteContinue reading “The Myth of True Love’s Kiss”

NaNo 2016: Week 1

It’s November 5 and National Novel Writing Month is in full swing. My project for the month (which has the oh-so-creative working title of The Dancer) is coming along pretty well. I’m over 2,000 words in at this point, which I’m taking as a success, considering I work 40 hours a week. Most of my writingContinue reading “NaNo 2016: Week 1”

NaNo Decision

(Sidenote: I had all this recorded, but my weekend’s been a little crazy so I haven’t had a chance to edit and upload it. I figured it would be fatster to just type this.) It’s almost November, the time of year when writers go crazy (well, crazier than usual). National Novel Writing Month. We writersContinue reading “NaNo Decision”

Part of a New World

Dear Fairy Godmother, I recently moved a long way from home. I don’t know anyone in this new place and I’m worried about settling in and being all own my own. Do you have any tips for making friends and not feeling quite so out of place? Sincerely, A Fish Out of Water

Why Words Matter (Even More than Usual)

So I’m getting over a cold. And for me, colds mean one thing. I lose my voice. Although my voice has now graduated from a barely audible squeak to low and gravelly, my time as a mute made me think. I’ve never considered myself a particularly talkative person, but it’s very hard being unable toContinue reading “Why Words Matter (Even More than Usual)”

Words About Disney Princesses

In which I rant about Disney princesses. Partly inspired by a recent blog post by my friend Amy Green, and partly by my thoughts on Strong Female Characters. What do you think? Share your opinions below. I’d love to hear your thoughts! Until next time, word nerds!

Recommendation: The Little Mermaid

Despite the number of fairy tale adaptations, modernizations, and retellings I’ve read, I’ve yet to come across any based on The Little Mermaid. So if I were to recommend any version, it would have to be the Broadway show. It’s essentially the Disney movie with more songs. The music is beautiful and well-performed. I doContinue reading “Recommendation: The Little Mermaid”

Evolution of Fairy Tales: The Little Mermaid

Today I’m going to tackle one of the stories that has changed the most drastically over the years. I’ll be comparing the original tale, published by Hans Christian Anderson in 1837 and the popular 1989 Disney film. The Little Mermaid Anderson: The Little Mermaid, who remains nameless through the story, lives with her father, the sea-king,Continue reading “Evolution of Fairy Tales: The Little Mermaid”