Part of a New World

Dear Fairy Godmother,

I recently moved a long way from home. I don’t know anyone in this new place and I’m worried about settling in and being all own my own. Do you have any tips for making friends and not feeling quite so out of place?


A Fish Out of Water

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Dear Fish,

You poor soul.

Moving to a new place is always hard. Here are five tips for you as you start out on your new life.

1. Find a place. This might seem straight forward, but it’s important that you find a place that you’re comfortable. Maybe a church, or a library, or a coffee shop. If you’re comfortable in that place, meeting people will soon follow.

2. Take your time. Don’t expect to become an adult in the blink of an eye. It takes time to adjust to a new place and situation. Accept that you’ll be a little lonely sometimes. There will be days you don’t want to be there. But things will get easier as you settle into a routine and meet people. Give yourself time to make the adjustment.

3. Don’t limit fun to others. Remember that your happiness doesn’t depend on other people. You won’t be around others all the time. Find ways to enjoy yourself when you’re on your own. If you rely on others to entertain you, you’ll be in trouble on those occasions you find yourself alone.

4. Treat yourself. Set small, easy goals and reward yourself when you meet them. Made it through the first week of work without quitting? Take yourself out to dinner. Finished all your chores for the weekend? Watch that movie you’ve been meaning to see. 

5. Don’t cut yourself off. It can be easy to lose touch with old friends when they aren’t there to talk to. And, unfortunately, you probably won’t be able to keep up with all your old friends. But that doesn’t mean you should cut off all communication with friends and family you’ve left behind. Make an effort to include them in your new life. 

Best of luck in your new endeavors! And remember, never stop dreaming!

Your Fairy Godmother

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