How to Create a Writer’s Room Anywhere

Today’s post was written by the lovely Katelyn Bolds, a friend and fellow Taylor grad. She wanted to share some tips on creating a writing space for those of us who love words. Thanks Katelyn!   Some writers can write anywhere. They keep a journal in their backpack or tote bag filled with colorful journalsContinue reading “How to Create a Writer’s Room Anywhere”

Reading as a Guilty Pleasure

Hey word nerds! I’ve got a cool post for you today. My good friend and fellow writer, Elizabeth Syson, and I had an interesting conversation about reading the other day and I thought I’d share it with you. Her part of the conversation is in bold type, mine is in regular. We were talking theContinue reading “Reading as a Guilty Pleasure”

Extra! Extra!

Today I guest blogged for my friend Nichole, who was kind enough to write this post for me. If you want to find out whether “stalking” is romantic or just plain creepy, head over to Nichole’s blog to see my thoughts! Until next time, word nerds!

The Spell for a Fairytale Romance

Today the blog gets a visit from my good friend and fellow classmate Nichole Parks! In honor of the new Cinderella movie, Nichole shares about the ingredients of a successful fairy tale, using Cinderella as an example.  In whatever land you travel, there will be bedtime stories. They are whispered like prayers and as delicateContinue reading “The Spell for a Fairytale Romance”