NaNo 2018: Recap and Reflections

50,000 words in 30 days? Check! I know. I’m crazy. But as stressful as the last month was, I managed to have a lot of fun as well. As I’m wrapping up NaNo 2018, I thought I’d reflect on the experience and share a few things I learned along the way. Some of these lessonsContinue reading “NaNo 2018: Recap and Reflections”

Dealing with Exhaustion

Oh hey there. Been a while, hasn’t it. Ehrm…. So here’s the deal. In the last five months, I’ve moved three times and started two new jobs. Two of the moves have been across at least four states away. Factor in very little time to relax and changing time zones, and you’ve got one exhaustedContinue reading “Dealing with Exhaustion”

3 Things Workshops Taught Me

I’m taking an Advanced Creative Writing Class and this week and next week we’re workshopping short stories. What that means is we submit short stories and discuss them one at a time in class. People say what they liked, explain what didn’t work, and give suggestions to make it better. We got to sign upContinue reading “3 Things Workshops Taught Me”