Big announcement people. BIG! I mean, like, huge!

I have a title. For my book.

Now, granted, that may not seem as big a deal as, say, actually finishing the book, but believe me, it’s a big deal. Here’s why.

A title is the first thing a reader sees. When a book is on the shelf (excuse me a moment while I fantasize about my book being on shelves somewhere….), the title is the first thing they see. If it grabs their attention and interests them, they’ll pick it up and find out more. If it’s bland, boring, or generic, they’ll move on. 

A title also sums up the book. In roughly five words or less, an author has to convey the essence of his or her story. That’s incredibly hard! I have been trying for weeks to come up with a decent title for the book I’m currently working on and I have gotten no where. Until yesterday, that is. That’s right, my Robin Hood story now has a title! And now to answer the question I keep getting. What is it?

The Mark of the Outlaw.

I won’t get into why it’s relevant right now, because I’d have to explain the whole plot. Which I don’t want to do at the moment. But I thought some of you curious folks might want to know what’s going on with the book progress wise. 

I’ll continue to keep you posted! Also, if enough people are interested, I might post a sneak peek or summary of sorts this weekend. Who knows?

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