Character Types: The Crone

Every story needs a villain. Villains can take many forms: a tyrant, an oppressor, a terrible storm, or a character’s own nature. The best villains, the ones we love to hate, are purely evil for evil’s sake. Fairy tales are no different. They sport a wide array of baddies for us to boo and provideContinue reading “Character Types: The Crone”

Fairy Tale Facts: Diamonds and Toads

Hey there word nerds! I’m back with more fun fairy tale facts! Today we’re looking at Charles Perrault’s “Diamonds and Toads”. “Diamonds and Toads”, or “Les Fées” (The Fairies) as it was originally titled in French, was written by Charles Perrault and included in Andrew Lang’s translation of Perrault’s stories called The Blue Fairy Book (1889).Continue reading “Fairy Tale Facts: Diamonds and Toads”

Crafting Your Cover Letter: Submission Series

Hey there word nerds! I’ve been pondering what sort of things to write about here on my blog and I came to a realization. I studied writing for 3.5 years. Now I’m an editor. I’m in a unique position of seeing the publication process from both sides. So I decided to start a series onContinue reading “Crafting Your Cover Letter: Submission Series”

3 Reasons You Should Do NaNoWriMo

Originally posted on My Everyday Terrors:
It’s November–the month of crunchy leaves, cold wind, the first snowflakes, and…rough drafted novels? Yes, my word-loving friends, National Novel Writing Month is upon us again. All across my social media, the familiar abbreviation is cropping up, usually accompanied by expressions of excitement and terror. Word counts are appearing…

Be Careful What You Ask

I am a writing major. And I get questions about that choice. A lot of those questions are unintentionally rude. I recently found a list of annoying questions English majors are asked, and they all apply to writing majors as well. Here’s the link if you’re curious ( Normally I don’t mind the questions. SomeContinue reading “Be Careful What You Ask”

The Writer’s Dilemma

Close your eyes for a second. Well, wait until you finish this paragraph. Imagine, if you will, the stereotypical writer. Got it? I imagine you came up with something like this. Writers are considered to be antisocial. Most of the writers I know are introverts. Yet there’s this phenomenon in the changing perception of authors.Continue reading “The Writer’s Dilemma”