My Travel Bucket List

I’ve always had the urge to travel. Before college, I traveled around the States on vacations and visiting family. I left the country once to travel in Canada. Once I got to college, though, the travel bug that had been previously been quietly biting me began to gnaw more fiercely. It began with a semesterContinue reading “My Travel Bucket List”

The Myth of Strong Female Characters

I recently read an interesting article ( about the double standard set for female characters in literature and media. I find it rather disturbing that we have to characterize female roles as ‘strong’, as if it weren’t inherently implied like with men. I won’t use this blog as a soapbox for a feminist rant; IContinue reading “The Myth of Strong Female Characters”

The Importance of Being Published

As I read the title I just wrote, I realize how pretentious it sounds, but it’s true! Just bear with me while I explain.  As you may know, I was at a writer’s conference earlier this summer. One of the most important things I learned was that editors and agents won’t consider working with authorsContinue reading “The Importance of Being Published”