Update on Me

Hi all! As you may know, I am now back at school! I thought you might like a quick look at what classes I’m taking and such. So here’s a quick overview of what my life will look life for the next three months. I’m taking five classes, most of them writing.
I’m taking a Freelance Writing class that I’m really excited about. We’re going to be spending a lot of time writing and editing pieces we’ve worked on. One of our assignments is to write at least 750 words daily. It doesn’t matter what we write, as long as we do. I’ve been trying to get into the habit of writing daily, so this is really quite perfect. We’re going to work in all types of writing, from blog to fiction, short stories to devotionals. I’m really looking forward to widening my area of experience.
I’m also taking a class called Writing Online, but my professor said it’s more like a literary citizenship class. We’re essentially going to be building our platforms, or our online presence. We’ll be working with our social media sites and blogs, so expect to see some changes here in the next few months!
Most writers choose other literature classes, but I’m taking Performing Literature. In that class, we are focusing on analyzing text and presenting it orally, using both voice and body to convey the meaning. I think this will be invaluable to me as a writer, to look at how words are conveyed and interpreted.
One of the classes I’m not quite so excited about is Layout and Design. It focuses on a computer program called InDesign. We will be designed various things throughout the semester, starting with our own resumes. While incredibly useful, I have a tendency to struggle with things related to technology, so we’ll see how well this class goes.
I’m taking another computer class as well, a computer science course. I haven’t actually had the class yet, so I don’t know exactly what to expect. It’s a general education course, so I imagine it won’t be too overwhelming.
That about sums up my classes. Other than that, I have a job that keeps me occupied, as well as extracurricular activities with my wing and the other people in my major. I think I’m going to enjoy the next few months.
Until next time, fellow wonderers!

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