My Travel Bucket List

I’ve always had the urge to travel. Before college, I traveled around the States on vacations and visiting family. I left the country once to travel in Canada. Once I got to college, though, the travel bug that had been previously been quietly biting me began to gnaw more fiercely. It began with a semester abroad in Ireland. Then a missions trip to Liberia. Now I can’t get enough of international travel. So I’ve made a list of places that I want to go in my life. I’ve only included places I’ve never been, not places I would like to return to. 

1. Greece. Greece is the center of the ancient world. As someone who loves history, I can’t think of a more exciting place to visit. Seeing historical sites and cities would be a dream come true.

2. England. It’s one of those places that most people want to visit. Closely related to American culture and home to some of the most incredible authors, England is a cultural center of its own. Plus, British accents.

3. Australia and New Zealand. Yes, they’re two different countries, but in my mind they would be the same trip. There’s no real educational value to these places, mostly a desire for beaches and fun. And maybe a trip to Mt. Doom as well.

4. Egypt. Like Greece, Egypt played a strong role in history and has an incredible culture. I would love to experience it firsthand and see the pyramids.

5. Brasil. I’ve never been to South America, but I know that Brasil boasts some spectacular scenery. I think it would be a lot of fun to explore there.

6. China. China has a culture so different from my own, it would be so interesting to experience it. I would love a chance to explore its rich history.

7. Greenland. It’s a little obscure, but Greenland has always intrigued. A halfway point for many of the early settlers of North America, its culture is unique and largely unchanged.

8. France. I studied French in high school and learned a lot about the language, culture, and art of the country. I’d love to see the sites in person, instead of just on a screen or page.

9. Italy. Is food reason enough to visit somewhere? Because that’s the main reason I want to visit Italy. I love Italian food.

10. Denmark. There’s no real reason I want to see Denmark. It just sounds like it could be fun.

So, what places do you want to see? Comment below and let me know. Maybe it will be somewhere I can add to my own list.

Until next time fellow wonderers!

3 thoughts on “My Travel Bucket List

  1. “I hear the north of England boasts some spectacular scenery…”
    P&P All the way 😉

    1. You must like history a lot 😉
    2. Take me with you
    3. I’ll be your translator in Italy since I’ll be a pro at Italian after this semester

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