Road Trips and Big News

Heya word nerds! I need to apologize to you. I’ve been very bad about posting here over the last month. But I have an excuse. It’s even a good one! First things first, I made a new video! Check it out. In case it wasn’t obvious from the video, I recently took a road trip.Continue reading “Road Trips and Big News”

A Not so Small World

Dear Fairy Godmother, The world is such a big place. It makes me feel so small sometimes. I want to see all that is has to offer, but travel is expensive. How can I expand on my little corner of the world? Thumbelina Dear Thumbelina, The world is indeed large, but that’s not a badContinue reading “A Not so Small World”

My Travel Bucket List

I’ve always had the urge to travel. Before college, I traveled around the States on vacations and visiting family. I left the country once to travel in Canada. Once I got to college, though, the travel bug that had been previously been quietly biting me began to gnaw more fiercely. It began with a semesterContinue reading “My Travel Bucket List”