Road Trips and Big News

Heya word nerds!

I need to apologize to you. I’ve been very bad about posting here over the last month. But I have an excuse. It’s even a good one!

First things first, I made a new video! Check it out.

In case it wasn’t obvious from the video, I recently took a road trip. My parents and I drove two cars across 7 states and over 1,700 miles from Pennsylvania to Colorado. It took us four very long days.

Why the road trip? you ask.

Well, that leads to the big news.

I have a job!

“But Kate,” you’re probably thinking, “we already knew that. That’s why you moved to Pennsylvania.”

And you would be correct in thinking that. However, at the beginning of July, I was offered a different position. In Colorado.

So that brought about a rather difficult choice. In the end, I decided to take the position in Colorado. After I made that choice, I had a rather hectic few weeks as I packed up my apartment, finished up in Pennsylvania, and moved to Colorado.

Hence the road trip.

I’m so excited to begin my new position on Monday. I’ll be working at Focus on the Family, as the editorial assistant for their children’s magazines. You might remember I did my summer internship with them last year.

And hopefully, now that I’m getting settled in again, I’ll be more consistent on my blog.

Until next time, word nerds!

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