One Week!

Well, it’s official! I leave for Liberia in ONE WEEK! I am so excited to be able to go on this trip. We’ll be in Liberia for two weeks and it’s going to be busy. We’re running a VBS over three days for 180 kids, holding Bible studies, teaching craft classes, helping organize a new library, and building a greenhouse, just to name a few things. 

I have to admit, I am nervous about leaving. I’ve traveled overseas before, but it was to Ireland. Liberia is a whole different experience. One that I’m excited to have, but it’s daunting at the same time. It’s a whole new culture to try to adjust to. New customs, a new climate, and a new way a life to adjust to. And I have to adjust quickly. With such a short trip, I’m sure the time will just fly by. 

I’m really excited about this trip for multiple reasons. This is my first trip to Africa, which will be a unique experience. This is also my first mission trip outside the country. Plus, I really love to travel. 

With only a week left until we leave, I feel a little crazy. On one hand, it feels like I have things well in hand and will be well prepared to travel. On the other hand, I LEAVE IN A WEEK! That’s only 7 days! How am I going to be ready on time?! I know that I will be fine, but it’s another thing altogether to convince myself of that.

Anyway, sorry to ramble, but that’s what happening in my head right now. 

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