This is How I Write

That second Monday was the first day of July. The men worked on their projects in the morning as much as they could, although it was very wet. After lunch, they went to the leprosy and tuberculosis rehabilitation colony to shop for souvenirs. I helped Kathy with a watercolor paint class in the morning and a Bible study for women in the afternoon.

The quote I’m going to share isn’t actually about the trip; it’s about my writing process.

“I’m not speaking to Oliver (one of my characters). The idiot won’t listen to me and we’ve been arguing all day. Stupid boy.”

I’ll be the first to admit it; it’s a little embarrassing. But I talk to my characters, even argue with them. More often than not, I lose those arguments. Fortunately, I can claim I’m a writer rather than crazy. It usually works. 😉

I’m not saying that I actually think any of my characters are real; I just have to get to know them so intimately as their creator that they take on unique and intricate personalities. Arguing with them actually helps me build their character; if I know how they’ll react and what they’ll say to me, it makes it easier to figure out how they will react to situations I put them in.

With every story I want to write, every idea I come up with, I reach a point of decision. Do I keep developing the idea or scrap is as not enough to actually spend time with? I’ll think about the story and there is one way to tell. When the story starts playing like a movie in my head, when the story tells itself  to me and I no longer decide what happens, that’s when I know I have something worth pursuing.

So there ya go folks! A peek into my creative process, confusing as it may be.

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