You Learn Something New…

We left Ganta on Wednesday, July 3rd and drove to Monrovia. It was a long day in the bus, about seven and a half hours. After our arrival, a few of us went for a walk on the beach. It was so much fun! Because we were so close to the equator, the water was the warmest I’ve ever felt in the ocean. I hadn’t planned on getting more than my feel wet, but well…let’s just say things didn’t go according to plan. The current was strong and the waves were big! I enjoyed myself, nonetheless. 

“I’m feeling solitary, which is hard after hours on a bus and being in a few rooms. It’s raining, so outside isn’t even an option….My introverted self is in shock. Two weeks with the same people nonstop with essentially no time by myself to unwind or decompress is really starting to get to me.”

A word of warning to anyone going on a missions trip, especially introverts; you get very little alone time. Chances are the quarters you live in will be close and cramped. There will be little time and few opportunities for you to have time to yourself. You will be surrounded by the same people day in and day out. 

I don’t mean to make it sound miserable. I ended up really enjoying being forced to be social. I got to know so many incredible people and I found out that talking to people for extended periods of time won’t actually kill me. Surprising, huh?

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