All Good Things Come to an End

Our last day in Liberia was Friday, July 5th. We spent the morning packing, visited a local Christian school, and finally headed to the airport. Travel was smooth and mostly on time. Security wasn’t a problem and we all got right through at all the checkpoints. It was a huge relief. 

I don’t have a specific quote, just two experiences from the flight. I have flown at night one other time, when flying to Ireland. This time, however, I had a window seat. I cannot properly describe the incredible sensation of looking out the small airplane window and seeing the pitch black sky dotted with stars. It was breath-taking. I felt like I was up there with the stars. The other experience was similar. As we were flying into New York City and JFK Airport, the sun was beginning to rise. The sight of New York City at night was an intense one, but seeing the sun begin to rise over it was the most beautiful sight I had ever seen. It’s moments like those that I remember than the Ultimate Creator makes all things with just a word. Nothing man makes can ever compare. 

After we arrived in New York, we went through customs and security again, had a short flight to Atlanta where we had a two hour layover, and a quick hour flight to Indianapolis, where our families picked us up. It was a bittersweet arrival, filled with joyous reunions with family and heartfelt goodbyes to the other team members. 

And that, my friends, brings my recap of my Liberia trip to a close. If you want to hear more, please feel free to contact me by Facebook, Twitter, email, snail mail, morse code, or smoke signals (I can’t guarantee that I’ll understand or respond to the last two, though)! I could go on and on about the experience, probably longer than anyone would care to listen. Next week, I’ll be back to my twice a week schedule with random topics.

Thanks for listening to me ramble!

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