How to Come up with Ideas (AKA, I Don’t Know What to Blog About)

Every week, I find myself running through the same train of thought: It’s Tuesday. I’m supposed to blog today. Crap, what should I blog about?!

So I’m using that panic as an out. My chosen topic today is coming up with ideas! Here are three ways I generate ideas, for blogs or stories.

1. Play the “What If” game. This is more for stories than for blog posts, but I suppose it could work in a pinch. Take an everyday occurrence, a common cliche, or a random event. Turn it on it’s head by asking “What if…?” For example, I got the idea for the book I’m working on by asking “What if Cinderella didn’t want to be at the ball?”

2. Ask friends. Now, every writer is different in this respect. Some hate being told what to write, preferring to rely on their own muse. But most writers tend to (and in my opinion, definitely should) cultivate a group of writer friends, or at least friends who understand their creative processes. So if you’re stuck, ask them for input. Whether they give you ideas, or just let you run through your thoughts out loud to organize them, they often help spark a new topic or story.

3. Observe. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: writers observe. Watch and analyze what goes on around you. People watch and give people back-stories. Make up conversations. If something catches your eye, observe. Follow any train of thought that pops into your head. (But don’t be creepy about watching people.)

These are just a few ways to spark ideas. How do you find things to write about?

Until next time, word nerds!

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