Happy Birthday, Blog!

Imagine my surprise when I got on my blog today only to see a nice little message from WordPress. I created this blog two years ago!


Another reason to celebrate: I’M DONE WITH SCHOOL! Well, for the next three months. BUT I’M DONE!

And in the vein of exciting news: In one week, I will be flying out to Colorado to begin my summer internship!

I love summer.

With the arrival of summer come a few changes here on my blog. I’ll still post every Tuesday. However, I won’t be putting up videos every Saturday. (I won’t say that I won’t make any videos, just not every week.) And starting in June, I’ll be posting a short story every week on Fridays (and by that, I mean I’ll be posting one story, in parts. Not a new story every week.).

So thank you, dear readers, for putting up with my ramblings. It’s because of you that I post each week. Here’s to another year!

Until next time, word nerds!

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