A College Student’s Guide to Surviving Finals

Finals week is in full swing here at school and I, like so many college students, am battling exhaustion, stress, and not wanting to be here. But we must push through, so I’ve compiled a list of what I’ve found to be the essentials of surviving the last week of school.

1. Snacks. Lots of snacks. Enough said, am I right?

One of my all-time favorite munchies.

2. Friends. Friends, especially those in college, will understand how stressful finals week can be. You can vent your frustrations to them, cry on their shoulders, or just hang out and watch a movie to distract yourself.

3. A list of short, entertaining (or adorable) YouTube videos. Including, but not limited to, cats being cute, people pulling pranks, and funny sketches. They provide short breaks in studying and laughter is always a welcome change.

4. A pillow. This is an important one because it’s uses are two-fold: you can sleep on it and scream into it.

You can also build a pillow fort!

This is a shorter post, but like I said, I’m in the midst of finals. I can’t spare too much time, as much as I’d rather be doing anything other than studying.

What do you think of this list? Did I miss anything?

Until next time, word nerds!

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