A Brief Word

Sorry. It’s both a brief word and applicable to this situation. I know I said I was going to come back after November was over. But I’m going to take an extra two weeks. I hate to be a lying liar whose pants may or may not combust spontaneously, but I have finals next weekContinue reading “A Brief Word”

I Have Returned!

Today is the first day of my last semester of college. I’ve got mixed feelings. Excuse me while I go scream. One the one hand, I’m ready to be done with school. I’m excited to get out in the world and start putting my knowledge into practice. My internship was a great experience and it’sContinue reading “I Have Returned!”

6 Reasons I Took an Unpaid Internship

“I’m a poor college student.” It’s a common thing to hear among those pursuing a higher education. Whether as an excuse to stay in rather than going out or a simple complaint about their lot in life, college students are generally on a tight budget.  A recent article in my school’s paper discussed the fallingContinue reading “6 Reasons I Took an Unpaid Internship”