The Procrastination Problem (or Why I’m Learning to Work Ahead)

You may have noticed that my text posts have been a little sporadic of late. That’s largely because as I’m adjusting to my new job and home, I’m trying to adjust to a new schedule. When I was in school (and doesn’t that make me sound old?), I generally wrote my blog posts the dayContinue reading “The Procrastination Problem (or Why I’m Learning to Work Ahead)”

Thoughts on Going Back

I’ve been living on my own for more than a month now. This weekend, I’ll be heading back to Indiana to participate in my college graduation ceremony and my parents’ house. And I’ve got mixed feelings about it. So pardon my rambling, but there’s been a lot on my mind in regards to going backContinue reading “Thoughts on Going Back”

6 Reasons I Took an Unpaid Internship

“I’m a poor college student.” It’s a common thing to hear among those pursuing a higher education. Whether as an excuse to stay in rather than going out or a simple complaint about their lot in life, college students are generally on a tight budget.  A recent article in my school’s paper discussed the fallingContinue reading “6 Reasons I Took an Unpaid Internship”

The Little Voice

I’ve made an astounding discovery, word nerds: human beings are friendly creatures. No, really! Throw a group of strangers together and they’ll (generally) make an effort to befriend each other. This is especially true if those people already have something in common, like an internship at the same company. Still, I was more than aContinue reading “The Little Voice”