Character Types: The Beautiful Damsel

As much as it pains me to admit it, a good fairy tale isn’t complete without a damsel in distress. Damsels serve as the motivation for the hero. Whether it’s a charming prince fighting a dragon to save her or a poor lad trying to prove his worth, there’s always a girl involved with theContinue reading “Character Types: The Beautiful Damsel”

Why the Woods?

I was walking across campus this morning (very carefully, because it’s ridiculously icy today) trying to decide what to write about when a thought struck me. Why do so many fairy tales involve woods? Think about it. Sleeping Beauty was raised in the woods, then her castle was isolated by a forest of thorns. SnowContinue reading “Why the Woods?”

Fairy Tale Facts: 12 Dancing Princesses

I’ve decided to start a new series! As I was working on my Evolution of Fairy Tales series, I realized that there are a lot of fairy tales that aren’t well known or haven’t changed too much since their appearance. So I’m going to use this new series to highlight these stories, as well asContinue reading “Fairy Tale Facts: 12 Dancing Princesses”