The Modern Fairy Tale

What ever happened to fairy tales? Sure, we still see them in popular culture today, but as a genre, fairy tales seem to have faded into obscurity. Mostly, the term is applied to Disney movies or new adaptations. And most writers, if they say they’re writing a fairy tale, really mean that they’re retelling aContinue reading “The Modern Fairy Tale”

Evolution of Fairy Tales: Aladdin

Yeah, I don’t really remember how I usually open these things. I guess we’ll just jump right in! Aladdin! The Arabian folktale made famous by Disney’s 1992 animated movie (and the comic genius, Robin Williams, who voiced the genie). The remake came out last weekend and one of my friends asked me to do anContinue reading “Evolution of Fairy Tales: Aladdin”

Character Types: The Beautiful Damsel

As much as it pains me to admit it, a good fairy tale isn’t complete without a damsel in distress. Damsels serve as the motivation for the hero. Whether it’s a charming prince fighting a dragon to save her or a poor lad trying to prove his worth, there’s always a girl involved with theContinue reading “Character Types: The Beautiful Damsel”

Evolution of Fairy Tales: Beauty and the Beast

Alright! Today we get back to the Evolution of Fairy Tales series with Beauty and the Beast. I’ll compare the traditional 1756 French tale by Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont (shortened to Beaumont for time-saving purposes) to the 1991 Disney film. The Story Begins Beaumont:┬áBelle is one of three sisters, daughters of a wealthy merchant. HerContinue reading “Evolution of Fairy Tales: Beauty and the Beast”

Evolution of Fairy Tales: The Frog Prince

This tale actually hasn’t changed a lot over the years, other than the Disney film. Then again, the story is a short one that wouldn’t lend itself to the silver screen very well without some added extras. The stories always start the same way; a young princess is playing with her favorite gold ball whenContinue reading “Evolution of Fairy Tales: The Frog Prince”

Evolution of Fairy Tales: Sleeping Beauty

Today I’m going to tackle the story of Sleeping Beauty. I’ll be comparing the version written by Charles Perrault in 1697 to the 1959 animate Disney film. Perrault’s version seems to be inspired by an Italian tale called Sun, Moon, and Talia, written by Giambattista Basile in 1634. It’s not quite so family friendly, soContinue reading “Evolution of Fairy Tales: Sleeping Beauty”

Evolution of Fairy Tales: Snow White

Today we delve into the world of Snow White. I’ll be comparing the Brothers Grimm version, first published in 1812, to the 1937 Disney film.   The Young Princess Grimm: Snow White is born a princess, named after her mother wishes for a child as white as snow. Soon after the girl’s birth, the QueenContinue reading “Evolution of Fairy Tales: Snow White”

Evolution of Fairy Tales: The Little Mermaid

Today I’m going to tackle one of the stories that has changed the most drastically over the years. I’ll be comparing the original tale, published by Hans Christian Anderson in 1837 and the popular 1989 Disney film. The Little Mermaid Anderson:┬áThe Little Mermaid, who remains nameless through the story, lives with her father, the sea-king,Continue reading “Evolution of Fairy Tales: The Little Mermaid”

Evolution of Fairy Tales: Cinderella

I’ve decided to do a series here about how fairy tales have evolved over the years. To illustrate this, I’ll be comparing the original story to the Disney versions, as those are the most well known. I’ll begin with Cinderella. The story was first written by the Charles Perrault in 1697 and the Disney animatedContinue reading “Evolution of Fairy Tales: Cinderella”