So What Else Was Going On?

Tuesday, June 25 was a pretty low-key day. I worked in the library all day. After cataloging 63 books the day before, Enoch challenged me to get 100 done on Tuesday. So I did. The grand total from the day was 122 books!

Thoughts from the day : “It’s amazing how much got done yesterday! The greenhouse’s frame is up after one day! It’s going to be great.”

I chose this thought because, after all, I was not the only person on the trip. There were multiple projects going on at the same time. A greenhouse was being built, a few people were working on repairing cabinets, a field was cleared, leveled, and planted, and we held a few craft classes and a VBS. It was an incredibly busy two weeks.

No deep thoughts or profound insights today, I’m afraid. I can only take so much soul-searching at a time.

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