Tattoos and Ponderings

I was recently talking to a close friend about a tattoo she’s thinking about getting when she asked me if I had ever thought about getting a tattoo. I said no, but it made me think. If I did get a tattoo, what would it be? What words or phrases mean enough to me that I would consider getting them permanently etched into my skin? And before you ask, Mom, this is all hypothetical. I’m not actually thinking about getting a tattoo.

I actually have a few friends with tattoos. One of my favorites is my old roommate, who had the words Leva Livet tattooed on her wrist. It’s Swedish for Live the Life. The friend who is getting a tattoo is probably going to get her life verse. So I started thinking about what words are the most meaningful to me and I kept landing on two.

Proclaim: I am a writer and I want to always remember that my job is first and foremost to proclaim God’s goodness. That extends beyond writing to every aspect of my life. I am meant to be a living, breathing billboard for God every day of my life. 

Wonder: I love reading. Discovering new worlds, exploring complex plots. Sometimes, I think of myself as Lucy discovering Narnia for the first time. I love that sense of awe you get when a good book, or any incredible experience, draws you in completely. And I never want to lose that child-like sense of wonder. I think it’s one of the greatest gifts we humans have; the ability to discover and experience.

That’s why I’ve finally settled on a way to close out my blog posts. Because I want to encourage all of you to keep on looking for new experiences, new adventures. Also, it’s less permanent than a tattoo. Well, less permanent on me. 

Until next time, fellow wonderers!

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