An Urgent Need for Prayer

I have a request for you readers. I don’t usually get political, mostly because I don’t know much about it, but there’s something in the news recently that has been rubbing me the wrong way. A lot of people have been talking about the Americans infected with Ebola and there’s even been some controversy about their return to the country. What bothers me about this whole thing is that I almost never hear anything about the country being affected by this terrible disease.

Liberia-one of the poorest countries in the world. The location of the biggest outbreak of Ebola in the history of the virus. The country I spent time in just over a year ago. 

I’ll admit it. If I didn’t have such a personal connection to Liberia, I’d likely not care, or even notice, the lack of coverage. But I do. The following is an email sent out this weekend from the missionary couple I visited. They are currently in the States, but hope to return.

“Greetings To All

We are begging you all to please, please lift up our friends in Liberia in deep, earnest and the Spirit of intercession, prayer.  

First we still know of people who are trying to return to the USA, please pray that they may travel in safety.
Second, we received news of another friend who has lost a family member from Ebola, please pray for protection for the rest of the family.
As we shared with many of you yesterday, our fears of the consequences of the Liberian government making the choice to close the borders in a country who imports 90% of their food, and this is the rainy season, is unfortunately a reality. What food is available has gone sky high in price. Businesses are closed and thus employment has ceased.  The mission has a few staff members who are unaccounted for, we pray that they are safe.
We understand that God knows what is happening and what is at stake.  As much as our hearts ache for the fact that we left Liberia just over one week ago with a ticket that was purchased last year with this date, we are confused and torn.  We are resigned to the potential that when we are allowed to return to Liberia (tentative September 9th) we may be going back to nothing.  We pray we have a team left there and our dogs protect them from any violence.
Please, please call out to our Father on behalf of a country that is very fragile in the best of times and this is now the worst.  Pray for peace, for calm, for food to reach those in need and pray for protection.
In the arms of Jesus –
Trav and Gina”
This country has been ravaged by war, and now disease. All I ask is that you spare a minute or two to lift up these people and their country in prayer. This is quickly turning into a crisis. You can easily find more information by searching for “Ebola in Liberia”.
Please share this with as many people as possible. The more who know, the more can pray. 
Until next time, fellow prayer warriors.

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