How to Write Your Elf

I’ve found that elves are some of the hardest of mythical creatures to write, simply because there are so many variations of them out there. Are they small, mischievous spirits or noble, human-like magicians? You have more creative freedom when writing an elf, but less original material to use as inspiration. Elves have evolved aContinue reading “How to Write Your Elf”

How to Write Your Dragon

Fantasy has always been my favorite genre and that is largely due to┬áthe creatures that inhabit the magical worlds. I’m starting this series, “How to Write Your….”, to explore the different creatures I’ve come across and give ideas on how to make them unique. We’ll start with dragons.

Why the Best Ones Die

Gandalf. Obi-Wan Kenobi. Mufasa. Have you started crying yet? In so many fantasy stories, and some of our favorite Disney movies too, we are faced with the death (however brief) of beloved characters. Aside from the fact that writers are cruel, inhuman monsters who like to toy with the emotions of readers and movie-goers, thereContinue reading “Why the Best Ones Die”