Star Trek: Into Darkness

Until a few weeks ago, all I knew about Star Trek was…well, practically nothing. My sister introduced me to “the final frontier” with the 2009 movie. Shortly after that, we went to see the sequel. I have to say, I was impressed. And while this isn’t a movie review, I do recommend it as a fantastic movie.

If there is one thing I love in a character, it’s internal conflict. I feel like it makes the character, whether protagonist, antagonist, or otherwise, more real to the reader. People can relate to characters who struggle with moral issues or making difficult decisions. Seeing so many of the characters in Into Darkness struggle with themselves made the movie so much better. I know that sounds a little inconsiderate of me, but I factor in that most of the characters who struggled came up with an answer and came out the better for it. After all, Romans 5 tells us that “we know that suffering produces perseverance;  perseverance, character; and character, hope.” We have to struggle with ourselves if we ever expect to grow either as Christians or as people.

So here’s the deal….

I’m not a professional blogger. I’m sure you’ve realized that by now. However, I am a writer and I think this is good practice for me. Over the summer, and hopefully during the school year as well, I am going to try to update this blog twice a week. It may be about a song that’s stuck in my head, a Scripture that stuck out to me, or a funny experience I had.

This summer, as I have no job, I decided to make writing my job. By the time I go back to school in August, I will have sent a manuscript to at least 3 publishers. At least, that’s my goal. Fingers crossed on that. So it’s possible that I’ll post some excerpts here if anyone is interested in that. Let me know what you think!

Hey There!

Well, this is my second blog (my first one was about my semester in Ireland). This is going to be a place where I put random thoughts, funny experiences, and anything else that comes to mind. I’ll try not to ramble incessantly, but I make no promises that it will all make sense. So yeah, I think that’s all for now. Check back later for something maybe a little more entertaining.