Fairy Tale Facts: The Goose Girl

Today I’ll introduce you to yet another Grimm’s fairy tale, The Goose Girl, first published in 1815. What’s It About? A young princess is being sent to a neighboring kingdom by her widowed mother to marry the prince there. She leaves with her maid and her magical horse, Falada. Along the way, the princess loses theContinue reading “Fairy Tale Facts: The Goose Girl”

Fairy Tale Facts: The Wild Swans

The Wild Swans is a fairy tale by Hans Christian Anderson, first published in 1838.  I’ve recently discovered this story and I love it! What’s it About? The story follows a young princess with eleven older brothers. (Has anyone else noticed that in fairy tales, 12 seems to be a common number of children to have?Continue reading “Fairy Tale Facts: The Wild Swans”

Recommendation: Beauty and the Beast

Today’s recommendation is not a direct adaptation of Beauty and the Beast. It’s an adaptation of a similar tale, East of the Sun and West of the Moon, a Norwegian fairy tale. It’s called East, by Edith Pattou. The story follows Rose, a young girl from a poor family. A White Bear appears at her family’s door oneContinue reading “Recommendation: Beauty and the Beast”

Cinderella Recommendation and an Interview with Kelly Oram

I have got a special post for you today! I have a recommendation for an adaptation of Cinderella that I really love. Not only that, but I have an interview with the book’s author. I hope you enjoy it! It’s been almost a year since eighteen-year-old Ella Rodriguez was in a car accident that leftContinue reading “Cinderella Recommendation and an Interview with Kelly Oram”

Recommendation: Sleeping Beauty

There have been many adaptations of Sleeping Beauty, many of which I’ve enjoyed. Some set it in a fantasy world, some in the future, and some even cast the villain as the hero. My favorite version, and today’s recommendation, is Melanie Dickerson’s The Healer’s Apprentice.  The Healer’s Apprentice is set in Germany in 1386. The main characterContinue reading “Recommendation: Sleeping Beauty”

Recommendation: Snow White

One of my favorite versions of Snow White is Gail Carson Levine’s Fairest. Gail Carson Levine is well known for her fairy tale retellings, with her most famous one being Ella Enchanted. Fairest takes place in the same world, with a few of the same characters. The story follows Ava, the adopted daughter of an innkeeper andContinue reading “Recommendation: Snow White”

Recommendation: The Little Mermaid

Despite the number of fairy tale adaptations, modernizations, and retellings I’ve read, I’ve yet to come across any based on The Little Mermaid. So if I were to recommend any version, it would have to be the Broadway show. It’s essentially the Disney movie with more songs. The music is beautiful and well-performed. I doContinue reading “Recommendation: The Little Mermaid”