Words About Disney Princes

We all have our complaints about Disney’s princes. I mean, two of them don’t even have names. And I know I’m skeptical of the a man who falls in love with a girl he barely knows because she’s pretty and then can’t remember what she looks like. But why is that? Until next time, wordContinue reading “Words About Disney Princes”

The Spell for a Fairytale Romance

Today the blog gets a visit from my good friend and fellow classmate Nichole Parks! In honor of the new Cinderella movie, Nichole shares about the ingredients of a successful fairy tale, using Cinderella as an example.  In whatever land you travel, there will be bedtime stories. They are whispered like prayers and as delicateContinue reading “The Spell for a Fairytale Romance”

Why the Woods?

I was walking across campus this morning (very carefully, because it’s ridiculously icy today) trying to decide what to write about when a thought struck me. Why do so many fairy tales involve woods? Think about it. Sleeping Beauty was raised in the woods, then her castle was isolated by a forest of thorns. SnowContinue reading “Why the Woods?”

Stuck in a Tower

Dear Fairy Godmother, I have seriously got, like, the worst parents ever! They are so strict! I keep trying to get them to loosen up, but no amount of arguing works. They can’t believe that I’m growing up. They might as well lock me up in a tower somewhere for all the freedom I get. HowContinue reading “Stuck in a Tower”

But What About Me?

Dear Fairy Godmother, I have a stepsister and I’m tired of being overlooked, or worse, cast as the villain. Cindy is a nice girl. She has a hard time getting along with my mother, true, but they both try their best. Despite what you may have heard, we all pitch in around the house asContinue reading “But What About Me?”

A History of the Fairy Tale

Fairy tales have been passed down orally for centuries, so it’s hard tor trace their exact history. However, once they were written, it becomes easier to see how they’ve grown and change. But where did these stories of the fantastic come from? I may not have precise answers, but I can talk about where theContinue reading “A History of the Fairy Tale”

Fairy Tale Facts: Rapunzel

I can’t believe I haven’t talked about Rapunzel yet! So here I go! It was first published by the Brothers Grimm in their 1812 collection, Children’s and Household Tales. What It’s About A young wife is pregnant. A window in her house overlooked a garden of a powerful enchantress. Day after day, she would sit at theContinue reading “Fairy Tale Facts: Rapunzel”

The Big Three: Perrault, Andersen, and the Brothers Grimm

I’ve spent a lot of time on this blog talking about fairy tales. In exploring the different stories, I’ve found what I consider to be the most famous authors of fairy tales; Charles Perrault, the Grimm Brothers, and Hans Christian Andersen. So today I’m going to dive a little more into their backgrounds. Charles PerraultContinue reading “The Big Three: Perrault, Andersen, and the Brothers Grimm”

Fairy Tale Facts: The Princess and the Pea

In May of 1835, Hans Christian Anderson published a brochure of four original fairy tales. One of the stories was the now-popular The Princess and the Pea. Today we’ll take a look at some aspects of the story. What It’s About A young prince wishes to marry a princess and travels the world to find a bride.Continue reading “Fairy Tale Facts: The Princess and the Pea”