Character Types: The Beautiful Damsel

As much as it pains me to admit it, a good fairy tale isn’t complete without a damsel in distress. Damsels serve as the motivation for the hero. Whether it’s a charming prince fighting a dragon to save her or a poor lad trying to prove his worth, there’s always a girl involved with theContinue reading “Character Types: The Beautiful Damsel”

Part of a New World

Dear Fairy Godmother, I recently moved a long way from home. I don’t know anyone in this new place and I’m worried about settling in and being all own my own. Do you have any tips for making friends and not feeling quite so out of place? Sincerely, A Fish Out of Water

Fairy Tale Facts: Thumbelina

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these. On the recommendation of my friend Julie, I’ll be talking about Thumbelina today. Thumbelina, or Tommelise as it was titled in the original Danish, was written by Hans Christian Andersen as a part of his first collection of fairy tales in 1835 and notContinue reading “Fairy Tale Facts: Thumbelina”

Author Crush: Jackson Pearce

So I forgot how busy I was going to be this weekend and didn’t work ahead. Hence, no video this week. And I’ll be gone next week, so no video then either. Sorry! But I still wanted to give you a reading recommendation, so you get this quick post. My March author crush is JacksonContinue reading “Author Crush: Jackson Pearce”

Character Types: The Prince

Prince Charming. Depending on who you are and how you grew up, you might have mixed reactions to the name. Some of you might sigh romantically, picturing your own version of the perfect man who you hope to meet some day. Some of you might sigh in frustration, cursing those stories and movies that haveContinue reading “Character Types: The Prince”

Fairy Tale Discovery: Twelve by the Mail

Another Saturday, another video. This time, I discover and share a new fairy tale with you all! Here’s a link to Twelve by the Mail, if you want to read it. It’s a different translation than the one I used, but the story is still the same. Until next time, word nerds!

Character Types: Heroes-The Poor Lad/Lass

I was going to write about heroes today, but I realized that there are subcategories of heroes that should be explored. So today’s character type is the poor lad/lass (my name, not an official one). This is possible the most well known character type, not only in fairy tales, but in all of story-telling. ThisContinue reading “Character Types: Heroes-The Poor Lad/Lass”

Character Types: Fairy Godmothers

I was recently (and by recently, I mean like a month and a half ago) talking to a writer friend who wanted to write a fairy tale. She asked me what some of the traditional characteristics of fairy godmothers were. That of course turned on the little light bulb over my head. I decided toContinue reading “Character Types: Fairy Godmothers”

Reluctant Romance Writer

For the majority of my life, I wanted to be a writer. But never once, in all those years, did I want to be a romance writer. I was that kid growing up who would rather read adventure books, watch war movies, and live vicariously through fantasy stories. I would even go so far as toContinue reading “Reluctant Romance Writer”