7 Signs of an Evil Stepmother

Dear Fairy Godmother, My father is getting remarried and I’m a little nervous. I’ve heard so many stories of wicked stepmothers. How do I know if my new stepmother is nice, and what do I do if she’s evil? A Scared Stepdaughter-to-be Dear Stepdaughter-to-be, It’s natural to be nervous in such a case as this.Continue reading “7 Signs of an Evil Stepmother”

Bookworm or Chameleon?

Dear Fairy Godmother, I have a hard time fitting in at my high school. I’m a nerd and I don’t have many friends. Most people just don’t seem to get me. Should I try to be more like the other kids to fit in? Sincerely, A Bookworm Dear Bookworm, No matter what, do not changeContinue reading “Bookworm or Chameleon?”

A Not so Small World

Dear Fairy Godmother, The world is such a big place. It makes me feel so small sometimes. I want to see all that is has to offer, but travel is expensive. How can I expand on my little corner of the world? Thumbelina Dear Thumbelina, The world is indeed large, but that’s not a badContinue reading “A Not so Small World”

Stuck in a Tower

Dear Fairy Godmother, I have seriously got, like, the worst parents ever! They are so strict! I keep trying to get them to loosen up, but no amount of arguing works. They can’t believe that I’m growing up. They might as well lock me up in a tower somewhere for all the freedom I get. HowContinue reading “Stuck in a Tower”

But What About Me?

Dear Fairy Godmother, I have a stepsister and I’m tired of being overlooked, or worse, cast as the villain. Cindy is a nice girl. She has a hard time getting along with my mother, true, but they both try their best. Despite what you may have heard, we all pitch in around the house asContinue reading “But What About Me?”